Life of a Wedding Planner…..

Everyday life can bring many challenges, bills, kids, pets and husbands! Me? I have all of these but I also have one of the very worst and very best traits of all,  I am a perfectionist! So your wedding becomes another one of my challenges as I always treat your special day as if its my own, not good for my sanity sometimes!

The greatest part of my job is pulling everything together on the wedding day itself, all the months of planning, e mailing, video calls and booking every last gorgeous detail of your wedding day, comes together all in one go and its beautiful!

It is such a privilege to see everyone at their best, suited and booted and looking happy and amazing.  Watching the day unfold and seeing  the grooms reaction when he looks at his bride for the first time and the tears of happiness from the families. What´s not to like about that part of the job!

I love my job, it brings me joy.  I work in some of the most incredible locations and venues with some of the most professionally talented people to grace this planet.  I meet and have met some amazing families and couples with incredible stories and I continue to put my perfectionism to good use by ensuring each and every couple have the wedding of their dreams.

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Jo Clayton Walsh, Wedding Planner with My Majorca Wedding

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